Manchester City defeated Arsenal’s 3-1 win at the upcoming 25th Premier League summit. Sergio Aguero’s Tripletto gave the victory to Guardiola’s team, which returned to the positive results after losing to Newcastle. The only goal for Emeri’s team was scored by Koshielni in the 11th minute.

Meanwhile, the “nightmare” of Arsenal transfer matches continues. The gunners do not know the home-away victory in the championship, of 6 challenges, as the latest date is November 25, 2018 in front of Burnemuth.

With today’s triumph, Manchester City team climbed to 59 points, making “pressure” for Liverpool, who will face tomorrow on the transfer to the West Hem. Arsenal’s defeat of today is overtaken in the ranking by Chelsea and Manchester United, dropping to 6th place with 47 points.

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