Although far from Italy, victory is the only thing that matters. But sometimes it may not suffice. Chelsea defeated Hadersfillin 5-0, Higuain was presented in front of “Stamford Bridge” with a double, Hazard returned to shine in the position he likes most and were all ingredients Mauricio Sarri spent a quiet weekend.
But when it comes to Roman Abramovich, tranquility is a very relative concept. There is little point in a battle, in the end we must win: the fourth place, with Manchester United and Arsenal, otherwise … Ultimatum – Otherwise goodbye.

The Chelsea must qualify for any conditions in the Champions League next season, otherwise it expects to be fired. According to the Daily Express, these were the words of London’s blue flag owner for his coach, an ultimatum that was conveyed through a phone message.

The message was clear: Chelsea could not stand for two consecutive years out of the most important European football competition. So Sarri should rank either between the top four places, or win the League of Europe. If he does not succeed, instead of him, the blues will try to put the coach of Totenhem, Mauricio Poçetino.

But even in this case, they have to fight with Manchester United looking at the Argentine as Sir Alex Ferguson’s successor. But he must also fight with the “Spurs” that require 50 million pounds to let him go.

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